This Article Has Nothing To Do With Wine

I'm pissed.

It's been a rough week. I think that if you have a heart with any ounce of empathy in it, you're probably feeling a little beat up. What bothers me the most is when people try to justify blatant violations of the law that results in the elimination of a human life. That attempt to justify blatant acts of violence is further deepened by the justice system. It bothers me a lot more when it's my own close relatives.

And I'm a white guy. Imagine how it feels for victim, a victim's family, or a person who looks like the victim.

Imagine how it feels to be Black or Indigenous in the United States and Canada right now.

Do you feel like you matter?

The loss of life as a result of bias, improper training, and untreated aggression, among other things, is bad enough. The lack of justice and recognition of these acts and cancerous forces within systems of law enforcement and civilian populations is a pound of course sea salt in a gaping wound.

Sometimes, you hear a police department or investigative judicial body look to bring "swift justice" for those affected by a violent tragedy. Other times you hear that "we need to take our time and gather all the facts and go through the complete due process of the law" until justice is seemingly infinitely and tactically delayed. I think that's the most blood-boiling issue. That the "law" is upheld for some and not for others.

It's a huge ask, right? Yeah, sure. Remind me about the woman whose rape is her own fault.

"But, she had a vagina and looked good to someone who was threatening, how could you expect a man to not rape her?"

Fuck you.

"If you resist arrest, what do you expect?"

"If you play with toy guns, what do you expect?"

"If you tempt the racism of a neighbourhood by walking down the street as a youth with your hood up while Black, what do you expect?"

"If you are a sleeping innocent citizen and upstanding member of society who once knew a drug dealer while being Black, what do you expect?

There's no "but".

Fuck you.

Racism isn't just people yelling slurs. More often, it's people eager looking for a reason why a Black person deserved to die.

You shouldn't need a lot of research to say, "Appropriate justice should be brought against those who violate the law."

That's a big part of what the anti-racism movement is asking for.

Plain and simple. Go ahead, call me idealistic. Sounds like another "but" from an old white guy with 7 years less education than I have who wants to speak to me as if I was a child while he mansplains that I just don't get it.

When justice is served against an individual who takes a life, it is official and systemic condemnation of the act.

When justice is not served, it condones the act of the perpetrator.

Got it? Good.

"What about Black-on-Black violence?"

What about it? Are you telling me that a Black person killing another Black person is justification for a white person to do it, too? Are you telling me that it means that a Black people's lives do not matter because Black people kill Black people sometimes?

If that's your logic, then why don't I hear you saying that school shooting victims had it coming because they decided to go to school that day and they should know about the risks of attending school in the United States? Why don't I hear you saying, "Well, white people kill white people all the time so it's OK for white people to kill white people and other people to kill white people because white people don't value their own lives as a group."

I've never heard anyone say that.

Just because a woman abuses a man once does not justify the fact that men abuse women every minute of every day.

Just because a woman beats a woman once (or a thousand times, for that matter) does not mean that a man is now welcome to do the same because one woman did not value a human life that happened to be a woman.

That's how it sounds when you say "Well, it's horrible that police shot this person 7 times in the back without appropriate cause to do so, but..."

I am not saying that Jacob Blake specifically should not have been reprimanded by police officers in any way. Having a warrant for your arrest for a felony, having assault charges, no, does not make you a good person. It also does not make you reckless target practice for police officers.

Do you think maybe it might have been justified for police to shoot and kill an active shooter who was armed, walking amongst a crowd, and who had just killed 2 people?

Oh, right, because that person really wasn't that threatening. Damn, I forgot.

So, you want to know 10 things you can do today to be a better wine drinker?

  1. Listen to yourself.

  2. Listen to yourself.

  3. Listen to yourself.

  4. Listen to yourself.

  5. Listen to yourself.

  6. Listen to yourself.

  7. Listen to yourself.

  8. Listen to yourself.

  9. Listen to yourself.

  10. Listen to yourself.

Listen to yourself talk. Because I am personally absolutely fucking tired of it. Imagine how a Black person feels. Imagine how an Indigenous person feels.

I don't care if you like a strong economy. I think a strong economy is important. I want to hear a Conservative politician say that a John A. Macdonald statue will stay down. If it was brought down illegally, that's fine: enact appropriate justice. You can also agree with the motive. You literally can have it both ways.

I don't think that valuing one life over another in the eyes of law enforcement and a justice system that taxpayers fund is reasonable. Police forces are public services. I am pretty sure we can find a way to have both a strong economy and a just police force. We went from two tin cans and a piece of string to the iPhone.

It's not political.

You want law & order? Or do you just want to create token symbols of danger in the form of lives that are seen as disposable by the systems in place, and then have those lives eliminated in drastic and forceful fashion to make you feel satisfied, superior, and safe?

Let's hear your "but".

And fuck you.

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