15 Reasons to Drink Port Every Day

I spent the day shooting video for my upcoming Wine Pairing Workshop. And during the course of that shooting, by design, I did something I haven't done for a long time: Drink. Port.

Why the fuck have I not been drinking more port? I honestly could not come up with a good answer.

I drink loads of red wine.

I drink loads of white wine.

I drink loads of rosé.

I drink loads of piquette.

I drink loads of margaritas.

I drink loads of La Croix.

I drink loads of sour beer.

I drink loads of Czechvar.

I drink loads of Miller Lite™.

I drink loads of coffee.

I drink loads of natural wine.

I drink loads of normal wine.

What is natural wine?

What is normal wine?

I would like to drink loads of Champagne.


Here are 15 reasons I came up with to drink port. Every day.

  1. What else were you doing?

  2. When's the last time you paired wine with a Snickers™?

  3. $26 gets you hammered twice. Deliciously.

  4. Kenny Rogers sang a song named Ruby.

  5. Tawny is a very pleasant word.

  6. When's the last time you paired wine with a Mars™?

  7. I just heard Enter Sandeman™ on the radio.

  8. Stilton is a state of mind.

  9. I'm in a New York state of mind.

  10. I tested positive. Not for anything specific. I'm just positive.

  11. Hair does not actually grow back thicker if you shave it off.

  12. If hair grew back thicker when you shaved, bald people should have shaved sooner.

  13. How do most of my eyebrows know when to stop growing but one of them doesn't?

  14. Can a woodchuck chuck wood?

  15. It will put you to sleep.

Sleep tight, y'all. See you Monday when you can start learning how to use port for real.



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