Is it OK to get drunk on wine?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Isn't that what we're focused on here?

Well, in a way, sure. Maybe it's a hallmark of alcoholism, but I kinda feel like if you aren't "accidentally" getting drunk if it's a wino-buzz then you kind of missed the point. I mean, I'm only in my 30s but getting tuned is getting tougher when you're not just so fucking excited about whatever it is that you're drinking.

I guess that's kinda how we gotta think of this whole shenanigan: accidental drunkenness.

Now, I'm not saying I haven't got fucked up just in the name of fun. Plenty of times. And this is personal, and maybe it's my superpower, but I've been prettay, prettay good at remembering good bottles I had while I was shitfaced. To the point where, I sometimes don't remember anything other than the wine. And I think that's the key to this problem at hand.

I really hate saying it, but I guess I have to concede that we're all different. If you can hold your alcohol like a pro, and you end up doing some tipsy wine study, then that's great. It may even sometimes make the wine more memorable, as I've advocated for in the past. I've opened wines up in heavy states where I probably shouldn't have, abandoned them, and then revisited them the morning after. I think it's good to mix up your tasting environment a little, because nobody has all their fun in a sterile, bright room with a white countertop.

The wine is the wine. The environment that you bring the wine into is your own personal mark that you leave on the wine. It is a two-way street. The wine is not just there to serve you, it is there to be understood by you. This is the service that you give to a wine, to the people who made it, to the people that grew it, to the people that own the vineyards and the people that own the warehouse where they get cases stacked onto pallets to ship out.

Imagine if you were the wine. You'd be a fly on the wall. I think wines would like some entertainment here and there. And if they feel like they've been enjoyed and understood, I don't think they'd mind if you got a little drunk while you did it.

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