Elf On The Shelf: 12 Wine Memes for the Holiday Season

This absolutely could not wait. Please enjoy. I spent an entire morning on this.

I've listed these in order of creation so you can share in the experience of my own personal rabbit hole of insanity.

Godspeed. Please steal and share liberally.

Things went sideways from Reno, let me tell you.

The boys of summer weren't really summoning the holiday spirit I was looking for. So...

This is my favourite part comin' up right now.

This next one was a mail-in.

Losing steam at this point. Rapidly.

Interpretive pronunciation is an Olympic sport.

Annnnnd we're back!

Hitting absolute bombs at this point.

Hey nerds. I see you.

Had to.

Also had to.

Congratulations. Your IQ has certainly dropped at least 15 points by now.

Happy December!

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