Going Looney: How Can We Make Wine More Hilarious?

I haven't got much time. I'm 9-5 J-O-B-ing it this week, which is essentially a death threat to the survival of this blog. But, this blog is tough as nails, and this blog will always live on, dammit!

So, just a quick thought here. How can we make wine more hilarious? When are the Jerry Seinfeld and Bugs Bunny of wine going to arrive? Or, are they already here, and I just don't know who they are? How can we occupy this space of ridiculousness in the wine world and incorporate some wit and intelligence at the same time?

I've seen a few start to scratch the surface. I'd like to build it out further though.

Why is this industry so damn "safe"? Why am I so damn safe?

I'm feeling increasingly risky and silly lately.

And I'm starting to feel dangerous.

In a good way.

Look out.

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