Nibbly Bits: Wine Thoughts That Keep Me Up At Night

I've been losing sleep over these thoughts.


Let's get to it:

Is it possible to separate wine from huge industry?

Are a whole bunch of small producers as powerful as one big one?

Why are people so rigid?

Why do people taste wine once and think they know something about it?

Why do people think they understand food & restaurants just because they eat food and go to restaurants? Most people don't claim to know anything about cars even though they drive them every day. Most people don't know how to make toothpaste or try to claim they know toothpaste inside and out, even though they presumably use it most days.

How did we get to the point where it's so much harder to find wine grown and made without any synthetic chemicals, sprays, or agents than it is to find wines that regularly employ a variety of these agents and ingredients throughout the whole process?

Why are companies with less noble intentions better at talking to a large audience?

How do you open someone's mind?

Is it OK to celebrate wines that are manufactured using modern technologies, tools, and aforementioned winemaking and winegrowing agents if they really taste good?

Is it OK to celebrate the Quarter Pounder with Cheese™ because it tastes good?

Should we just say "fuck it" and let nature take over completely or is there greater value in shaping it consciously as best as we can?

Am I the only one who thinks about the things I think about all the time?

Why is our identity as a person so connected to the things we like?

What are we if we aren't a mere collection of likes and dislikes?

Are we just a mere collection of likes and dislikes?

Maybe Facebook realized this was essential to our identity and realized they could capitalize.

Facebook definitely realized that liking and disliking was essential to the psychology of our identities and capitalized.

Fuckin' Facebook.

Why haven't we found a way to display and explain nuance in a more efficient manner?

Do I even think about wine?

How is anything I think about even directly related to wine? Should I even be writing in this sphere?

How come every person has these weird hangups about all sorts of shit?

Why is everyone hurting everyone all the time?

If people got less hurt, they would be more open-minded and trusting. Not just of other people, but of wine recommendations.

Where did entitlement come from?

How does Steely Dan fit into all of this?

How did someone as enlightened in so many ways as Anthony Bourdain have so much unspoken grief?

Is all wine natural wine because it all comes from the world and everything must be natural because nothing could not be natural because everything was already here and what's the difference between manufacturing a chemical powder or a colour additive and making bread?

If David Attenborough was narrating the activities going on inside the wine production facility where Apothic was being made would we just see it the way we see those microbial sea creatures and plants in the jungle doing their thing and such?

Are we stressing out too much over the events on earth and in the galaxy that we are aware of?

Is the point of life to enjoy oneself without hurting others and feeling hurt oneself?

Is the point of life to help others hurt less?

What is the point of life?

Is wine a good replacement for the inability to determine the point of life?

Have I been dreaming this whole time?

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