Podcast: Constant Craving

Constant craving has always been.

It's deeply spiritual, the refrain of Kathryn Dawn Lang. And one that always gets me to check myself in the midst of this journey of wine that wavers from the enticing to the ecstatic, obsessive, indulgent, and often, excessive.

It's a normalized fine line that I cross all the time. I see value in sharing this reality publicly, because I know I'm not anywhere near the only one that struggles at times, but I might be one of the few in my circles that is willing to put it out there into the creative commons, so to speak.

And that's the key: this shouldn't be under-the-table chit-chat. There's no reason we can't discuss our consumption levels and our firm straddling of that fine line between self-control and self-abuse other than the fact that we might not be comfortable doing so.

Until now, as Sir David Frederick Attenborough might say. And I take this evolution in our ability to converse about the grittier parts as seriously as the evolution of the vestigial tails of our ancestors into the spinal cords that tuck in neatly above our cracks today.

As my childhood hero Kirk McLean would say, this is a buddy check.

Listen here. And reach out if you need to.


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