Podcast: Wine & The Shirtless Selfie Guy

As fancy and bougie (sp?) as sommeliers, even drunken ones, try to come off as at times, for me, the only way to get more lips on more cool wines faster, therefore putting more resources in funky winegrowers and winemakers pockets and justifying their livelihood to make more delicious juice, is to talk to what the wine world refers to as "normals" and genuinely listen to what they have to say. Without trying to explain to them why they should drink more Riesling. Or Kerner. Or Müller-Thurgau. Like the great 'NSYNC album of the same idiom, there must be no strings attached.

The wine world is more fun when the drinkers care more about the the drink they're drinking. This is my goal. And I'm going where no sommelier has dared to go before:

I'm talking to the shirtless selfie guy about wine.

His name is Conner. He drinks coffee, water, Coca-Cola™, and the odd glass of wine. He describes himself as a "red wine fella".

I like him. We had a chat on this week's podcast.

Check it out here.

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