Sex: Why it makes wine taste so good

Thought I was finished? Wait...what are we talking about here?

"Give me 15 minutes and I'll be good for another round."

"I gotta go."


Sex, sex, sex. So essential to our beings, yet so reviled in so many cirlces. Taboo, some would say. Inappropriate talk at the dinner table. Or we're oversharing. But that's good because to undershare would be repressive. Sigh.

Rest assured, I am driving at something much bigger than sex. And that thing I am driving at is this:

The ultimate diversion of attention.

In the world of theatre, there is a category of performance that many refer to as improv. Improvisation. You understand it from such examples as "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and perhaps "Curb Your Enthusiasm". And there is a rule in improv that whatever someone says in a moment of improvisation, the other actors on stage have to agree with, or somehow, if not agreeing per sé, play along with. Google a few scenes from either of those shows and I think you'll see what I mean. The idea is to keep the momentum and ridiculousness that the actors come up with on the spot going in hope of creating something hilarious.

Don't get in the way of a good time. That's the only rule.

Anyone who has ever tried improvising knows it can be a little daunting, if not completely harrowing. It certainly can be. But what about those moments where we fall into it naturally?

We're sitting around the dinner table with friends. We're on bottle 3 or 4. In a group, so not too bad. But we're loose. Politics are brought up. All of a sudden, you proclaim loudly and confidently:

"People!.......of America." The trademarked long pause belongs to one person only.

Barack Obama. You nail your impression. Everyone stops and stares with a look of excitement on their face. You deliver your next line. People are laughing. You start to improvise a whole presidential address about the carrots and the rack of lamb. You're doing it. But you just did it.

No pressure. It's just funny.

There's one other time I'll argue that we improvise without realizing.

You're out with a couple friends or maybe you're just having a drink alone. You could be at a club; in fact, I think it happens here a lot. All of a sudden, you happen to strike up a conversation with someone you find extremely attractive. And they seem equally interested in you.

You have a drink. The conversation is easy. Chemistry is high. Another drink. It's loud in here. You wanna go somewhere we can talk? Yes. What should we drink? Wine? What do you like? Ohhh I love this wine that they have on the list. Can we get a bottle? Let's do it! I've never had this before. I usually drink red. Hmm. This is pretty good. (I don't care for this. Just keep drinking it. He's gorgeous. And WHAT a body.). Conversation is rolling. Tension is rising. Damn, this wine is pretty good. I am enjoying it. Back to their place. Another glass of white wine.

The sex.

It's OK. Maybe not your best performance. But what a night.

And you drank two bottles of white wine with this minx of a man. You never do that.

The thing about the idea of sex is that it is literally the most powerful and biological urge that we have. Even if we don't want kids, it is still in our DNA to find a mate and mate with that mate. Even if it's just for one night. Yes, those more evolved in certain parts of the brain can quell the urge more readily than others, but hey, when things are clicking with an attractive potential partner, it's amazing what we're willing to do.

We allow ourselves to improvise. We work without a plan. We go to bars that we would never otherwise go to because the prospect of sex and intimacy with an attractive partner is a complete DISTRACTION from our own inhibitions. We are willing to trade the hang-ups in our tastes for the prospect of hot, steamy sex with a babe.

We are now improv actors. Living in the moment. Willing to go down any road and into any bottle. This is the moment we need to live in if we want to breakthrough our own ideas of "our tastes" and the limits that they place on our development and understanding of wine.

Bottles I've consumed on the way to various escapades are some of my favourites, because of the moment. At the least, re-live these bottles on your journey. Remember how you broke your own rules for sex.

And do it again. This time, for yourself.

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