Stop serving wine to your dog.

This guy is a bit of a lush, I tell ya. Good thing he knows to serve freshly-squeezed Gamay with Turkey.

If you think about it, dogs are the original blind tasters. They know all the dogs in their neighbourhood just by smelling trees, bushes, and fire hydrants where other dogs have left there scent by rubbing themselves or having a tinkle.

I wonder how our miniature pinscher, Dexter, would describe the scent of the chihuahua down the hall named Gucci whose bark sounds like a girl screaming in a gown urinating on the stairs in the movie "The Exorcist".

He probably just recognized it because he had smelled Gucci's pee before. After all, what could smell more like Gucci's pee than Gucci's pee?

A quick brain snack for all of "you people" out there, wherever you are.

Happy weekend to all of you, whatever you may be serving up.

We'll be cracking the next bottle we see. Cheers.

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