The FREE Wine Pairing Workshop

Verrrrryyyy early this morning (at least out on the west coast of Canada), we announced that registration is now open for our sophomore FREE online workshop/webinar/webisode/mini-course...WHATEVER you would like to call it.

You are welcome to register here. The course will launch on June 15th.

The idea for this course came from a blog I wrote a couple weeks ago called "5 Foods in Your Fridge That Can Help You Understand Wine Pairing". That post was inspired by my own formal introduction to wine pairing, which involved a simple bottle of Chablis and a lime. It was profound.

This workshop will involved more video of yours, truly, than our initial mini-course offering. I'll be drinking wine with you, taking you through the fundamentals of wine pairing, step-by-step, using simple examples of foods that you probably have in your house regularly, and wines that you can find for $15-$20ish.

When you're done this workshop, you'll be able to apply your knowledge immediately and SHOW your friends how much fun and how mind-blowing it can be, instead of just flapping your gums in their direction.

I'll be providing a list of wines and foods for you to keep in your back pocket for those nights (and days!) when you want to get a little intentional with your at-home wine game. You'll feel better about making decisions in restaurants on wine pairing, and you'll be able to flex your knowledge without being a total dickhead! We all know that person...

Register here for The Drunken Sommelier's Wine Pairing Workshop.

I'll see you on June 15th.

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