The Moment

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

That moment of bliss when you walk in the door, drop your bags, exhale a sigh of relief. You take off your coat, toss it onto the back of the sofa. You walk into the kitchen, and there it is. You pull the cork. The sound of that first pour hitting the bottom of your glass. The wine is heavy as you swirl a couple times. One sweet sniff, and you bring the glass to your lips.

Imagine if you could elevate this moment even further. Because the truth is that just about anything would taste great in this moment.

What if you could not only be excited that there would be wine, but you could also get a little more excited about the wine that was waterfalling into your glass? What would it take to build that excitement, to make every bottle, whether is was pricey or inexpensive, special?

What if that moment of relief also became a moment of mindfulness, when you not only got to relax, but got to escape into the world of the bottle? What would you find there?

Every bottle you open has a story that it is trying to tell you. All you have to do is open it, pour some of it for yourself and for those around you, and focus your attention on what it has to say.

You could be sitting in your apartment in New York City or Nashville or Calgary or Buenos Aires, anywhere. And when you open that bottle, you are immediately connected to the people who crafted it in Puglia or Burgundy or Sonoma or Mendoza.

Instagram, Facebook, Movies, Zoom, books...these things are all great at connecting us. But nothing can connect you with history, people, the soil, the world the way a single bottle of wine can.

It is truly magical.

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