Try This At Home: Buy Both Vintages

One thing that is key to developing a killer instinct when it comes to creating cool wine experiences is to train your eye to see small details. When you enter a store, you gotta become Robocop™, or the Terminator™, or Clive Owen & Amanda Seyfried from that movie Anon that nobody saw, where your eyes are like the lens to your computer-brain's camera and start processing information immediately. You gotta get good at finding shit. But before you find it, you gotta see it.

One way that you can start doing this is by paying extra attention to the vintage on the bottles you buy. This sounds simple, but most of us don't think twice about it. But paying attention to this can turn an ordinary experience into a thought-provoking and intellectual sensory experience that still involves drinking.

People ask all the time: "Was that a good year?" or "What's the difference between this year and that year?" or "It doesn't matter it's probably all the same." Oh no, my friend. Oh, no.

Here's what you're going to do: keep your eyelids peeled so far back that you cannot help but see each and every vintage on each and every bottle of wine. When you do this carefully, you are going to notice that some of the wines are going to have multiple vintages available. The store is probably unaware of this. They just hit re-order, the SKU number doesn't change, and the next vintage comes when the previous one runs out in the warehouse. BUT WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY THIS IS FOR YOU!!!

Seriously. Instead of buying a bottle of The Velvet Devil AND a bottle of Bitch (remember that one?), you are going to buy one of each of the vintages available for whichever one happens to have both in store. You are going to go home. You are going to open them at the same time alongside your freshly torn open bag of Hawkins™ or Doritos Cool Ranch™, and you are going to taste them like you taste your two eggs side by each, facing the sun, bacon parallel every morning.

Et voila. Now you will understand the impact (god forbid) that nature has on a product derived from a fruit that grows in the ground.

It truly is a miracle.


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